Give yourself the gift of a profitable blog.

Are you serious about generating income from your blog instead of wasting time on DIY solutions?

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve been trying to monetise your blog but nothing seems to work…
  • Or you’re just starting your blog and don’t want to waste time on strategies that won’t work…
  • You publish blog posts consistently but still aren’t getting traffic to your site…
  • And are constantly following advice from other bloggers, *hoping* something will [fiiiiiinally] work and the money will start rolling in…
make money blogging
adriane galea brilliant blogger

But… what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you…

  • Had a simple, clear path on how to generate your first $1k (and beyond)?
  • Understood exactly which tasks will make you money now so you can stop doing the rest until you’re ready for them?
  • AND were finally building the blog biz of your dreams by turning your passion into profit?

I know you know the blogging industry is kind of a big deal.

Blogs are projected to bring in $400 BILLION (yes, with a B) in 2020 alone. 

And there more than 500 million blogs on the internet.


Only 20% of blogs ever make more than a few dollars total. That means not only do just a handful of bloggers get a piece of that pie, but also in reality, most blogs essentially fail.

It doesn’t matter how consistently you’re posting….

Or that you started an email list…

Or that you’re pinning all of your posts on Pinterest…

Or that you’re you’re trying to rank for a certain keyword…

It really doesn’t even matter if you can write well.

If you don’t have a system in place on your blog to strategically grow your traffic and your audience, and if you don’t understand HOW to make your posts and email list and Pinterest and keywords work for you – you simply will never make money.


Your Brilliant Blogger membership will teach you exactly how to grow your blog based on your unique skills and your blog’s needs (because blogging isn’t one-size-fits-all).

And you’ll do it faster, more successfully, and more profitably.


make money blogging

Having a loyal audience who bring tens of thousands of page views to your site every month, and they’re super excited to read your posts

make money blogging

Understanding exactly how to write both for search engines as well as humans, so you’re ranking on the 1st page of Google AND building a base of true fans on your mailing list

make money blogging

Knowing exactly what you need to do to be able build your blog business and finally start making consistent money with your blog


Brilliant Blogger

The proven system to help you generate consistent blogging income in a shorter amount of time, taking the guesswork out of how to grow your blog.

Take a sneak peak inside! 

The $1k Blog System

My proprietary, three part system developed to help you start making money with your blog in less time. It’s essentially an SEO, Pinterest, email marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship course all rolled into one – except it actually connects the dots, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it, so you’re not wasting your time or energy.

phase one

Create Your Magnetic Blog Foundation

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint or the foundation, so you can’t a blog that’s a business (not a hobby) without one.

When we Create Your Magnetic Blog foundation, it creates a strategy which you will use to determine how you will start creating consistent income with your blog in a way that’s totally specific to what you need and your strengths.

In phase one, you’ll start by completely resetting your mindset, then your objectives will be to:

+ Develop your blog’s strategy and business plan

+ Align your branding and create killer home and about me pages

+ Grow your audience through email marketing with sales psychology

+ Create a connected content system

+ Start to optimise your site your search engine traffic (SEO)

phase two

Attract $$$

Once you have your magnetic blog foundation, your blog will be completely ready to grow, so in phase two, we focus on two main objectives:

First, you will have an understanding of essentially every monetisation method available to bloggers, including an in-depth look at affiliate marketing, with a firm grasp on finding and selling affiliate products – and because we use sales psychology, it will never feel slimy or sales-y.

In short? You’re site will be optimised for profit, and you’ll know exactly what will help you make money and what won’t, so you won’t have to focus on #allthethings.

Second, you’ll have an understanding of most of the major traffic sources for bloggers, including how to drive traffic from Pinterest plus do a deep dive on SEO. Basically, by the end, you’ll be an SEO boss.   

phase three

Scale With Systems

Because you’ve been smart about creating a strategy for your blog to be built, once you’re starting to make consistent income, you’ll come back to Scale With Systems. 

Here, you literally transform your blog into a business, through a broad overview of (US-based) business legal structures, accounting, and taxes.

You’ll also go back to the strategies created in phases one and two, so that as your blog begins to grow, you will understand how to add in monetisation methods and traffic sources to scale. And while it’s called The $1k Blog System, when you Scale With Systems, you’ll be set up and understand how to scale as large as you want, so we’ll cover going from $1k to $5k to $10k and beyond.


Since using the $1k blog system, I have a solid business plan, strategy, and enough content planned out to last me more than a year! Adriane has helped me to build a solid foundation for my business and I now feel like I am ready to start making money.

I have read information from other bloggers who specialize in teaching SEO, but I had a big A HA moment during the first Brilliant Blogger SEO lesson, and I instantly went back and began implementing Adriane’s strategies. I don’t think I would’ve learned this information anywhere else. Adriane teaches real SEO secrets! I am very thankful for this system!



Plus when you join you’ll get

Bonus #1

make money blogging coaching

Coaching Calls

For a blogger trying to monetise, there is nothing more valuable than having one-on-one guidance from someone who has been there and done that.

On coaching calls, get all of your questions answered at every turn, from advice on your email opt-in forms to how to improve your Pinterest pins to how to get better conversions on affiliate products and everything in between.

Value: $1000

Bonus #2

make money blogging coaching

Community Support

Unlock your access to the Brilliant Blogger student community on Facebook, where you will find your new blogging biz besties, plus added support, strategies, and advice.

 Inside of the student community, you will have the ability to get your questions answered practically on-demand. Plus, we love to celebrate wins inside of the group, so you will find an encouraging group of friends cheering you along your journey!

Value: $1000

Bonus #3

make money blogging coaching

Hot Seats

Sit your cute booty in a “seat” on Zoom with me for 20-30 minutes and get ready for an enlightening, intense, and encouraging look at whatever you need in-depth insight to with your blog.

When you’re in the hot seat, we’ll take a deep dive into creating a custom solution for your blog – and this is an opportunity which would normally cost a 1:1 client a thousands.

Value: $1000

But wait… you’ll also get…

Action bonus

make money blogging coaching

The Six Figure Creator

If you have the intention of completing replacing your full time income, The Six Figure Creator will help you take phase three (Scale With Systems) to the next level.

In 6FC, learn exactly how to scale your income with the secret weapon of most full time bloggers: creating your own products. 

Value: $400

Let’s add it all up

Here’s everything you get with your Brilliant Blogger membership

The $1k Blog System | $2500

Monthly coaching calls | $1000

Private student community | $1000

Monthly hot seats | $1000

The Six Figure Creator | $400

Total value: $5900


Prices WILL be increasing in early 2021!


Payment plan

Get instant access TODAY!

USD $59 x 12

Best value

Get 2 months FREE!

USD $597

We want you to be 100% confident in your decision. While we are completely positive that this system works, we offer students the option to request a full refund and cancel all remaining payments within 30 days of purchase. Simply do the work in Lessons 1 and 2, submit your homework, and if you feel this system isn’t for you, we will give you your money back.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Adriane, aka your blog biz BFF.

I created Brilliant Blogger to help bloggers just like you create consistent $1k months (and beyond, if that’s what you want!) without having to waste time on strategies that wind up going nowhere.

I’ve been where you’ve been. I have a background in web development, so I thought blogging would be a breeze. I started looking at what other successful bloggers were doing and tried to implement it myself (seems logical, right?). Except I wound up confused, overwhelmed, and getting nowhere fast.

Fast forward today, where I’ve run multiple 5-figure per month blogs, gotten tens of thousands of site visitors per month, and grown multiple mailing lists to 10k+. 

 Now, I help other bloggers do the same (because I am a teacher at heart) without trying to piecemeal random strategies and DIYing it – in other words, I help bloggers grow way faster 🙂

Your profitable blog IS within reach. 

 Let me help you bring it even closer.

as seen in...

Okay, but everybody and their aunt from Kansas is selling something to bloggers.

…but this is different

(Okay, okay, okay, but hear me out!)

Brilliant Blogger is designed with you in mind – it highlights your needs and strengths while providing direct support

Plus it’s a completely comprehensive blogging support system: it’s like an email marketing, SEO, Pinterest, branding, and entrepreneurship course all rolled into one, with a good amount of direct support.

And because it’s a membership, it’s going to keep growing alongside you (there are some exciting things planned for 2021!).

So is this “just another” paid blogger resource?

No. It’s a whole lot more than that. 

(If you don’t believe me, try it out for 30 days, do the work for the first two lessons, and if it’s not for you, you can walk away and I’ll give your money back – no hard feelings.)

make money blogging

This sounds great, but I just am not prepared to spend money on my blog right now.

make money blogging

Yeah, I hear you. It’s hard to just justify spending money before you make money. 

There are two problems with that, though: 

One, you have to spend money to make money. (Seriously… it’s just the way the world works.)

Two, most bloggers who don’t invest in their blog at all never make money. See the catch 22?

Statistically speaking, it will take a blogger who’s DIYing their monetisation on average of 2 years to start earning even a little bit of income (if ever), whereas bloggers who invest and follow proven systems tend to start earning in 6 months or so.

So you just have to ask yourself: would I rather spend $59 per month to make money in 1/4 of the time?

Because it’s not about how quickly you’ll be able to make that money back.

It’s how many times you’ll be able to do it.

An overview of Brilliant Blogger lessons

Lesson 1:


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: The [ugly] truths of blogging
  • Module 3: WordPress
  • Module 4: What do you want from your blog?
  • Module 5: How to make it happen
  • Module 6: Intro to blogging as a biz

Lesson 2:

Blog Biz Mindset

  • Module 1: How to think like a business
  • Module 2: Finding your WHY
  • Module 3: Blog market research
  • Module 4: Branding basics
  • Module 5: Your blog business strategy
  • Module 6: Your blog business plan

Lesson 3:

Branding + Design

  • Module 1: Creating your branding
  • Module 2: Brand identity + design
  • Module 3: Free vs. paid themes
  • Module 4: Planning your blog design
  • Module 5: Core business pages
  • Module 6: Designing with Divi

Lesson 4:

Audience 2.0

  • Module 1: Why you need an email list
  • Module 2: Email marketing providers overview
  • Module 3: Why people subscribe
  • Module 4: Creating a lead magnet
  • Module 5: Creating a landing page
  • Module 6: Creating a welcome sequence
  • Module 7: Onboarding your subscribers
  • Module 8: Setting up your first automation

Lesson 5:

Content Strategy

  • Module 1: Content strategy
  • Module 2: Intro to SEO
  • Module 3: Keyword research
  • Module 4: Writing for SEO
  • Module 5: Blog legal pages + GDPR
  • Module 6: Create your content plan

Lesson 6:

Making $$$ Magic

  • Module 1: Ad network overview
  • Module 2: Basics of affiliate marketing
  • Module 3: Selling affiliate products
  • Module 4: Ads and sponsored posts
  • Module 5: Basics of selling a product
  • Module 6: Creating a monetisation strategy

Lesson 7:

Affiliate Marketing

  • Module 1: Affiliate marketing strategy
  • Module 2: Affiliate disclaimers
  • Module 3: Affiliate link tracking
  • Module 4: Finding great affiliate products
  • Module 5: Amazon Associates overview
  • Module 6: Linking affiliate products
  • Module 7: Affiliate products and beyond

Lesson 8:

Traffic Magic

  • Module 1: Setting expectations for traffic
  • Module 2: Overview of traffic sources
  • Module 3: Pinterest Overview
  • Module 4: Pinterest SEO
  • Module 5: Pinterest Strategies – Parts 1 and 2
  • Module 6: Social media + Facebook groups
  • Module 7: Intro to Podcasting

Lesson 9:

SEO Deep Dive

  • Module 1: Keyword research BOSS (Parts 1-4)
  • Module 2: Making content rank
  • Module 3: Reviving old posts
  • Module 4: Using Google Search Console
  • Module 5: Increase DA with link building
  • Module 6: Expert status + authority

Lesson 10:

To $1k and Beyond

  • Module 1: What comes next?
  • Module 2: $1k to $5k to $10k
  • Module 3: Biz structure + accounting
  • Module 4: Facebook groups expanded
  • Module 5: Sponsored posts expanded
  • Module 6: YOUR scaling secret sauce

I’m excited to implement everything in Brilliant Blogger. I want to do it ALL and get through the modules NOW…and I feel motivated to make progress on it. During my workday I daydream about getting back to these lessons.

I also love that doing Adriane’s video modules feels like I’m having lunch with a friend, a friend who knows the ins and outs of blogging! On the first open call with her, I had forgotten that we hadn’t officially met yet, because I feel like I know her and as such, already trust her advice and experience.


What our members are saying

The A’s to your Q’s

Will this work for my niche?

I would say yes. We currently have travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, mom bloggers, wellness bloggers, DIY bloggers… lots of different niches!

My approach is that it’s less about your niche and more about how you’re solving problems for people. If you’re trying to help people, this program will work for you.

How do I know this program is right for me?

You don’t.

Here’s what I can tell you: 

I am very real, and I’m never going to sugar coat things. I believe that if you want to make money with your blog, you must treat it like it’s a business, which is how the program is designed.

If that sounds good, and you’re ready to do the work (because I don’t want you to waste your money if you’re going to join and then never do anything with the program), then I would say you’re likely to be a good fit.

Do I need to already have a blog to join?

Not necessarily, although it will make things go a bit faster if you do. 

If you don’t have a blog already, or if you aren’t yet paying for hosting, then I’ve included a number of tutorials in the introductory module to get your started before setting in on program content. It will help you choose a host, start using WordPress, and some other starter content to get your on your way!

Are there any additional costs outside of the monthly membership fee?

Not really, but there are a few exceptions:

You should be paying for hosting – I do not recommend using a free blog platform as it is almost impossible to make money. If you’re not already, you should plan to make this switch when you start.

To implement what I teach in lesson 9 (SEO Deep Dive), you will need a paid research tool. I highly recommend Keysearch, which is $17/month. 

I make a few other suggestions for paid tools, but most of them have free versions to get you started, and none of them are necessary to complete your lessons.

Can I enroll now and start later?

Yes, definitely! 

You have access to everything inside of Brilliant Blogger for 12 months, so you can take as much as time as you need – no stress!

How long until I start making money?

That depends on a lot of things! No two blogs or bloggers are the same, so no two timelines will be the same.

In general, the system is designed so that if you’re doing the work and fully implementing what you’re learning (as well as taking advantage of the support in coaching calls, etc), you should see considerable growth about 6 months after nearing the end of the program content – you may start making money sooner, it may take a little longer.

Can I try Brilliant Blogger and cancel later?

Absolutely – with some conditions.

If you try the program, do the work, and within 30 days are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is email us with a copy of your homework from lessons 1 and 2 to receive a full refund and stop all further payment obligations.

After 30 days, though, you are fully committed to the program for the year, and memberships may not be cancelled for any reason.

Is my Brilliant Blogger membership committment month to month?

No, joining Brilliant Blogger is a full year committment, and you agree to making all 12 monthly payments when you agree to the terms and conditions of the program upon joining.

Get started TODAY!

Prices WILL be going up in early 2021! 

Payment plan

Get instant access TODAY!

USD $59 x 12

Best value

Get 2 months FREE!

USD $597

We want you to be 100% confident in your decision. While we are completely positive that this system works, we offer students the option to request a full refund and cancel all remaining payments within 30 days of purchase. Simply do the work in Lessons 1 and 2, submit your homework, and if you feel this system isn’t for you, we will give you your money back.

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